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This site is created by a student of the university of Agriculture Markudi, it is dynamic and rich, rich in the sense that you will Benefit a lot from here, Feel free to bookmark and Invite others.

About ZionWings


ZionWings is a Web and App Developing company that create website of any kind ranging from complex website to a simple Blog. Other service like internet services, Administrating, web Maintenance, fixing of Brocken site is also offered to customer.

Our Goal

Our goals are simple, but before I get started, I will like to tell you what our goals are not.
  • We are not here to make money from you.
  • We are not Scammers.
  • This site is not the school website.
Now that you know what we are not let us begin,
UAMLOADED.COM.NG has just one goal which is to create a platform to collect together Academic e-materials that will also be available for free downloads. Where student can get all available materials needed, for free.

How do we benefit

The only thing we need to keep running in areas of Subscriptions and all our Administrating services is your Support And VIP offers. If you like this vision and you want it to keep running even to the Younger Generation coming up. Then your Little support will be helpful. Just as a saying goes it is little drop of water that makes an ocean. To Support Send Us an email on